Utah Capitol Rotunda

Daub ,Firmin, Hendrickson Studios
Principal sculptor: Eugene Daub
Design and Concept: Eugene Daub and Rob 

An allegory of ideals of Western civilization, this is one of four monumental niche sculptures in the Utah State Capitol Rotunda. We conceived and designed the four compositions to be timeless in content and to be consistent with the Beaux-Arts tradition of the capitol’s architecture. The spirit of arts and education mentors a young girl in the finer aspects of civilization. She holds a Greek lyre with a theater-mask relief on it. Her book is titled Literature with a gryphon relief on its cover; the open pages list great authors. The girl holds a Greek aulos (flute) instrument and an unfinished laurel wreath. The small book at her feet is open to a list of scholarly disciplines; the large book is titled Civilization. A painter's palette with brushes lies over a scroll of music. This image is of the full-size pre-mold sculpture.

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