Eugene Daub: February 17 - 21, 2020

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Portrait Sculpture


For many of us the quest to create portrait sculpture is rarely quenched, it is a beguiling ongoing challenge. A quest of which we never tire.


This class will re-examine all the traditional and contemporary methods to determine a personal approach to portraiture. We shall address not only the anatomic and structural components of the portrait but also the artistic and psychological aspects that arise in achieving a likeness.
From the standpoint of an academic exercise to creation of an evocative piece of art, this class is for all levels.


Like clay itself, portraiture can be considered simple, yet the complexities of finding one's own vision make the goals of this class a worthwhile endeavor. Many professional portrait sculptors that I know create most of their commissions from digital images or photos, but there is much to be learned from working from the live model. The more time spent working from life, the better the understanding of what you see in a photograph. Those shadows and highlights will become more useful in translating the image to relief or sculpture in the round. I encourage students to bring images of someone of whom they would like to make a relief portrait. (this is optional)


"Hollow built head" (optional) using clay with heavy grog for strength. As an option to the more traditional approach to sculpture, I suggest an alternative, in the way of a hand built or hollow, built over life sized portrait as a way to work beyond ones' self. This approach is fun and offers a new way to make a fast, inexpensive Portrait. 



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