New York Numismatic Club

Founded 1908

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the Club has worked for some time on a project to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of a singular global event – World War I and New York City’s place in that part of history. To that end, we are striking medals whose obverse and reverse artistic treatments by two of our Club members. Sculptor Eugene Daub has depicted the emotions attending soldiers’ departures from our shores, while designer Joel Iskowitz and Luigi Badia has depicted the post-War victory parade down Fifth Avenue, inspired by an actual photograph from the day

The medals will be struck in silver and bronze in the large 2.5” format utilized for our various 21st-century commemorative medals – the Club’s 100th Anniversary Medal, the Civil War Medal, and the New York World’s Fair Medal. The designs for the medal have been developed painstakingly over several months, and the final plasters are represented here:

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