Eugene Daub: February 25 - March 1, 2019

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Portrait Sculpture: This Time with Feeling!

Water-based Clay / All Levels

There are many ways to approach the art of Portraiture, academically, structurally, or personally. But after many years the one thing that continues to fascinate and beguile Eugene is the psychological aspect of the portrait. The portrait must, of course, have a modicum of anatomical structure to give testament to the real players which are the muscles that typically create an asymmetric expression. It is possible to create a complex expression with a minimal knowledge of anatomy if you know what to look for. This is the goal, learning to see the subtle landmarks that create a psychological context in your portrait and raise it above the realm of likeness alone. This class is for, beginners and professionals. It's never too soon and never too late to learn about the ever-challenging at of the portrait. Eugene will also cover the portrait in relief, as well as alternative methods of creating portraits.

Cost: $760 Plus $55 Model Fee (5 Days)


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